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Sand Squad

Oceanic Octopus Kite

Oceanic Octopus Kite

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Introducing the "Oceanic Octopus Kite" – a mesmerizing marvel that takes flight! Crafted from high-quality ripstop nylon fabric, this kite comes in three size options: 9.5' with a 160' line, 13' with a 160' line, and 19.5' with a 320' line. With its vibrant colors randomized for added excitement, each kite is a unique surprise. The intricate octopus design adds a touch of charm to the sky. Perfect for beach adventures and family fun, this durable and easy-to-fly kite will create unforgettable memories. Soar high with the Oceanic Octopus Kite and experience the joy of flying with the Sand Squad!


Size Options: 9.5' with 160' Line, 13' with 160' Line, & 19.5' with 320' Line

Shape: Animal-Octopus

Recommend Age: 3+

Model Number: 202211151653

Material: High-Quality Ripstop Nylon Fabric


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